Just joined Humane? Get everything set up using this step-by-step guide.

1. Complete your onboarding on the platform
After you sign up from https://app.humanecare.com.au/signup, first step is to complete your onboarding on to the platform. This is a 3 step process that should take just a few minutes! You will need to refer to your NDIS plan, and possibly your NDIS portal or current excel spreadsheet.

We've already covered everything you need to know about onboarding in this article - How do I complete onboarding after signing up?.

2. Add & track past support sessions on the platform
After you sign up and complete your onboarding, you will see one of the two screens below.

a. If you added 'Estimated Past Spending' as Zero during step 3 of onboarding

Zero estimated spending during onboarding

In this case, since you didn't add any past spending, you can add all your past support sessions (recurring and one-off) easily now. Refer to this article for details - How do I add, edit, duplicate or delete a support session?

You can add all your sessions at once, or do it over time. Our team might be able to do an automatic import of your past data from your spreadsheet. Contact us if you need help in that. Your dashboard and other charts will now update accordingly to show all the past spending.

b. If you added 'Estimated Past Spending' as the actual values during onboarding

Overview chart after estimated past spending

You do not need to add any past sessions as you have already indicated 'Estimated past spending' during onboarding, and your charts are already appearing correctly.

If in future, you want to add the past sessions, simply add them from the sessions page, and edit the 'Estimated Past Spending' to be 0 so the cost of your past sessions are not double counted. All details about Estimated past spending can be found in this article.

3. Add the list of your Providers
Now that you have completed the onboarding process, add the list of your providers in the providers section in order to create new sessions ahead.

Here are all the details to add new providers as your support team.

Add provider

4. Add and plan your future spending so you never overspend or run out of funds early
Now that you have your past spending and support team in place, you can start planning for the future. You're likely to have a plan already of how you want to spend your funds.

You can follow this guide for exactly how you can use Humane to plan your future spending.

Plan budget

Once done, you will have peace of mind knowing that your funds will finish exactly on time. Any changes to above plan can be easily accommodated from the 'Tracking' page, explained more below.

5. Stay on track with all your tasks on an ongoing basis
Now that all the initial tasks are set-up. You can continue managing the support on an ongoing basis. You'll also save time as rather than adding sessions manually, you'll just need to approve the future planned sessions you've already added.

This whole process of approval and ongoing tracking, saving invoices etc. is explained in these article.
How do I track my repeating (future planned) sessions easily over time? OR How to easily track repeating planned sessions?

Track support page

You can keep track of all the tasks you need to do simply from the dashboard.

Tasks to do on Humane

That's it - the basic overview of Humane!

To go into details about any specific goals, charts, pages or other topics, please head onto other tutorials or simply ask us a question at hello@humanecare.com.au or using the live chat inside the web app.
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