Simple steps to take if the categories mentioned in your plan differ from the app.
Updated on October 19, 2020
The funding for NDIS category 'Core' can often be freely spent between the subcategories like "Assistance with Daily Life", "Assistance with Social and Community Participation" or more.

Let's say your plan says "My Core Supports funding will be: $51,300.00 self-managed", but doesn't mention any of the subcategories. Whereas on the platform, when selecting categories you have to choose one or more of the subcategories and provide the total budget for each. What should you choose in such scenario?

Here you have two options
Select just one core category that you plan to spend most funding on. E.g. just select "Assistance with Daily Life", and in next step you can simply assign the total budget to $51,300.00. This way even if you spend your funds flexibly, you can just record it all under one category 'Core - Assistance with Daily Life'.
You can select two or more core categories that you plan on dividing your funds between. E.g. select both "Assistance with Daily Life" and "Assistance with Social & Community Participation" and in next step you can assign say $21,300 to one and $30,000 to the other (making sure total adds up to the assigned $51,300.00).

There is no best answer out of the two - just choose what suits you based on information above and know that you can always change it later using the 'Edit Budget' button in the 'Profile' tab.

Visit this article if you have any questions about filling the 'Estimated Past Spending' section.
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