In your NDIS plan, Core plan would have a total budget assigned and one for transport if you have funding for it, but no subcategories. E.g. Core funding $40k, transport funding $2k and Total Core funding $42k.

But Humane requires you to divide your Core funding (not including transport) across the three subcategories of core i.e.
Assistance with Daily Life (Daily Living)
Assistance with Social & Community Participation (Social, community and civic participation)

This is because when making claims from Core, you need to specify the subcategory. Similarly, when adding sessions in Humane you need to specify the subcategory.

This is why we ask you to fill your Core budget divided into subcategories. As an example for $40k Core funding, you can divide it into (for e.g.) $20k for Assistance with Daily Life, $15k for Assistance with Social & Community Participation and $5k for Consumables depending on your goals and needs.

Now you can start managing the funds in these budget categories separately.

You can always change the allocation later. For example, later on you edit your plan to change the budget allocation to $10k, $17k and $13k as an example and it will be immediately reflected across all categories.
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