The NDIS categories have separate names in your official NDIS plan, and in the myplace portal. We use the name used in the official NDIS plan but if you're referring to the myplace portal, this can become confusing. Refer to the mapping below to learn the different names for both the categories.

What's on the left represents the name in your plan, and on the right represents name in myplace portal.

Core support
Assistance with Daily Life | Daily Activities
Consumables | Consumables
Assistance with Social & Community Participation | Social, community and civic participation
Transport | Transport

Capacity Building
Support Coordination | Support Coordination
Improved Living Arrangements | CB Home Living
Increased Social & Community Participation | CB Social Community and Civic Participation
Finding & Keeping a Job | CB Employment
Improved Relationships | CB Relationships
Improved Health & Wellbeing | CB Health and Wellbeing
Improved Learning | CB Lifelong Learning
Improved Life Choices | CB Choice and Control
Improved Daily Living | CB Daily Activity

Capital support
Assistive Technology | Assistive Technology
Home Modifications | Home Modifications
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