The 'Track Support' page of the app allows you to add any past support sessions you want to add. It also allows to to mark those sessions as paid, claimed, and to even add invoices for them. You can also add extra information like Paid Date, Claim Date, Payment Request Number etc. after clicking the edit button.

Track support page

Adding a new support session
To add a support session, go to the 'Tracking' page, and click on 'Add Past Sessions' button.

You can either add just one session by clicking on the One-off tab or if you want to add a repeating past session (e.g. a music therapy session every fortnight) you can click on the Recurring tab. Simply, fill in the details. If the provider for that session doesn't exist, you will need to create a new one using the Click here to add a new provider text.

If the support session lasts for multiple days, simply add the last day of the support as the 'date' in the form. Optionally, you can add any extra information in the description at any time. This could be the start date, payment request number, how the session went etc.

Rather than manually adding support sessions, you can actually plan them ahead using the 'Plan support' page of the app. This way - say a weekly planned session will automatically appear in the 'Track Support' page every week automatically rather than you having to manually add it.

More details can be found in following articles -
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Editing a support session
To edit a session you've already added, click on the 'Edit' icon (top button to the right of the session). This brings up the same form you used to create the session. Simply make your changes and save.

Delete a support session
To delete a session you've already added, click on the 'Delete' icon (top button to the right of the session), and click 'Delete'. Please note that deleted sessions cannot be restored. Although you can create a similar session again.

Duplicating a support session
If you want to create a support session similar to another one that already exists, click on the 'Duplicate' icon to the right of the session that you want to copy.

This will bring up a form with details of the support session you just clicked. Now you can make your changes, and click 'Add' to create a new session. All details regarding this can be found in the article -
How do I add a support session that is similar to one that already exists?
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