You can access the Humane app from After signing up, you will be taken to a 3-step onboarding process.

Before starting onboarding, you will need access to your NDIS plan, and to your NDIS myplace portal or to a spreadsheet (i.e. wherever you store your past sessions and spending if any). The onboarding process should take around 10-15 mins.

Step 1
For the Step 1 of onboarding as shown below, enter the participant's basic details. For plan start and end details, please refer to your NDIS plan.

Step 1 of onboarding

Step 2
For Step 2, simply open your pdf NDIS plan, and choose the budget categories you want to plan & track in Humane. We've already answered some of the questions you might have about this -
During onboarding, some budget categories look different than what is there on NDIS portal or plan. How do I fill them?
Should I add budget categories that might not need planning e.g. Transport?
Should I add plan or agency managed budget categories in Humane?
Core has no subcategories in my plan but does on Humane. How do I fill it during onboarding?

Step 2 of onboarding

Step 3
For Step 3, for each category that you selected in the previous step, you'll need to add Total Budget, and Estimated Past Spending.

The Total budget for each category will be mentioned on your NDIS plan.
Core has subcategories that you'll need to allocate your budget across whereas in your NDIS plan pdf, you will just have one core category. You can find more details on how to fill details for it here.

Estimated past spending gives the app an idea of what you have already spent (from start of your plan, to the day you joined the platform) from the category.
You can find this from your myplace portal or if you maintain an excel spreadsheet. You can also leave this zero initially and add the sessions themselves later.
We've explained filling Estimated past spending in detail in the article - How do I fill 'Estimated Past Spending' during the final step of onboarding?

Step 3 of onboarding

And that's it! Click 'Save and Finish' and you can straightaway start using the app!

Now that you've completed onboarding, check out this overview on getting up and running with the Humane app to simplify your self-management.
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