Let's say your NDIS plan starts on 1st May but you joined the Humane app on 1st October. No problem!

For all the charts and future spending to display properly, the app needs to know how much money you have already spent between 1st May and 1st October before joining the platform. We ask you this in the final step of onboarding as shown below.

Step 3 of onboarding

There are two ways to correctly tell the app about this past spending.

The first way is to just leave it zero in the onboarding process. But then actually recording the support sessions between 1st May & 1st Oct inside the app. This way the app will know the spending from all those sessions. This is the recommended and cleaner way whenever possible.

The second way is to actually estimate what the past spending has been from 1st May - 1st Oct. This can be done from your NDIS portal or your existing spreadsheet etc. You can add the amount right here in onboarding. This way you will straightaway get an estimate of how you're going with your budget, when you enter the app.

Also, using this method you don't need to add the sessions that happened between 1st May - 1st Oct as they are already accounted for in the past spending.
But if in the future you decide to actually record them, you can simply add them from the 'Add session' button in the 'Sessions' tab and then edit the plan to make 'Unrecorded past spending' to be zero then, so that the support session costs are counted only once. Feel free to message us if you have any questions regarding this.
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