Filters and search are great tools to find whatever you want from existing sessions

Let's say you want to see all the support sessions that happened with a specific provider.

To achieve this, go to the 'Sessions' page and click on 'Filters' button towards the top.

Now simply click on 'Providers' and choose what you want. Once you click 'Apply Filters', all the sessions with only that provider will appear.

To go back to seeing all support sessions again, simply click 'Reset all filters' option.

Similarly you can also filter based on whether you've paid or claimed a session, the price range, date range, budget category, whether you've added invoice etc. You can also use a combination of filters.

An example is - let's say you want to see all the sessions by provider 'Care Ability' that you have not claimed for. For this, simply select the filter options 'Care Ability' for provider and 'Not paid' tag, and press 'Apply filters'.

At any time, you can simply enter any session name in the search bar and all the past sessions that match it will appear.

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