Humane gives you an easy way to track and plan your funds for the future, so you can make sure your budget never runs out early.

For this, go to the Budget page, choose the budget category from the top and then click on the Plan Duration chart.

Using this chart, you can see whether your forecasted spending is roughly around the dotted line. If it is, congrats! - this means that what you're spending is close to what you should be spending. The chart in this case will look like the image below.

On track spending

If your chart looks like one below, that means that currently you've planned for more funds than you have and you'll run out of them early.


If your chart looks like the one below, that means you're currently spending less than what you should and at this rate, you'll have leftover funds not used to reach your goals.


But, even if you are currently overspending or underspending - that's okay. You can still plan your spending so that your budget finishes just in time! You can read how to achieve this in this article.

You can also read more details on the Plan duration chart.
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