Sometimes, NDIA audits the participants to make sure they're complying with all the NDIS rules and to make sure that the funds are being used properly.
To stay prepared in case of an NDIS payments audit, you need to be able to produce:

Bank statements of your NDIS bank account for the past 5 years, and
The invoices or receipts for every support session that you used funds for, for the past 5 years

Humane provides you with an easy method to store all your support sessions with all their relevant information in one place, while you track your budget. This includes saving all the invoices and receipts.

In future, if you get audited by NDIS - you will have a complete record of all your support and documents on the Humane platform. If needed, you can easily export your data for NDIS audit purposes, and based on information stored for sessions you can match it to your bank transactions.

We keep all your data safe, secure and backed up, so you can maintain your peace of mind.
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