To make sure that you never run out of funding, you can plan all your funds for the future. You can read about how to do that in this article - How do I use the tools on the Budget page to plan my spending and support for future?

But once you've planned those future sessions as shown below, you would want to track them over time (i.e. mark them paid, claimed or add invoices to it).

Tracking them over time works like this.

For example, according to the image above, we've planned three future sessions for the category 'Core - Assistance with Daily Life'

Home Support every day, starting 21st Oct
Movie Social every Wednesday, starting 21st Oct
Cleaning every Saturday, starting 24th Oct
Now, if I visit the platform on 21st October, it automatically gives me a reminder asking me if the two sessions scheduled for 21st October happened? I see can it on dashboard on the top left card.

When I click on the 'View' button, this takes me to the 'Tracking' page. And I see two cards already on the top, asking me if the two sessions scheduled for 21st October did actually happen?

Once we accept by clicking the tick, and tell the platform that this planned session actually happened, this converts into a recorded support session as shown below. And now we get the options to add invoice, or to mark it as paid or claimed.

Now that this has become a recorded session, you can come back to it whenever and mark it paid, claimed or add invoices and extra description to it, whenever you want.
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