You can find the 'Plan Duration' chart on the 'Budget' page. At a given time, this chart shows details for only one Budget Category. To change the budget category, select it from the dropdown at the top.

Firstly, the bluish-green vertical line represents the current point in time (November in chart shown above). And the dotted diagonal line represents the ideal spend line i.e. how much money should be spent by the end of each month.

The red area represents the amount you have already spent on the platform. This includes the 'Initial Spend' that you entered when you completed onboarding and also the total cost of all the sessions recorded onto the platform. In short, this is the money that is already used for support from your budget.

The light red area on top represents the total cost of planned sessions as forecasted into the future. Your aim for this chart is to plan your future spending using the 'Plan Future Spending' section such that your forecast aligns with the ideal spend as shown in image below.

This way you can plan your budget perfectly and you'll know for sure that you will not run out of funds early OR you will not have excessive leftover funds that could've been used to achieve your goals.
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