Plan details can be updated to change plan start and end dates, budget categories and total and estimated spend for each.

If you want to edit the plan details that you added during onboarding or when you created an additional plan, simply click on 'Plan Details' option in the left navigation bar.

Now from the 'Plan Details' section, simply click on the 'Edit Plan' button.

Once you click the button, a 3-step popup will appear similar to what you filled during onboarding.

Step 1 - Change your 'Plan Start Date' or 'Plan End Date' if you need to.

Please note that if you've received a new plan from NDIS, you should be adding a new plan rather than updating the existing one.

Step 2 - Change the categories that you want to track or plan your budget for, if you need to.

One thing to note here is that you cannot remove a category that you already have past or planned sessions for. To remove it, first you have to remove the sessions associated with that category. Other than that, you can add or remove any other category.

Step 3 - In the third and final step, you can update the Total spending or Estimated past spending for any of the categories. 'Estimated Past Spending' here should reflect the cost of the sessions are not recorded on the platform.

For example, if in total you had 50 sessions. Let's say 30 of them are recorded on the platform and 20 that happened in the beginning are not, 'Estimated Past Spending' should reflect the cost of those 20 sessions that you haven't recorded. If you've recorded all 50 sessions, 'Estimated past spending' should be zero. More details here

That's it! Click Save and all your charts and information throughout the platform can be updated instantly.
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