'Initial Spend' or 'Past Spend' or 'Unrecorded Past Spending'
This refers to the cost of the sessions that are not recorded on the platform. This is generally because these sessions happened before the user joined the platform. If you decide to record all your sessions on the platform, then this should be zero.

But for example, if you joined the platform in October but your plan started in July, and you had 30 sessions before you joined the platform. You could record all of them in Humane and in that case Initial Spend would be 0. But if you do not record them in Humane, then you can add the total cost of those sessions which would be the initial spend.

'Total Spend' or 'Spent'
This is the sum of any initial spend you might have, and the cost of all your sessions recorded on the platform.

'Planned Spend'
'Planned spend' is the amount that you have already planned on how to use in the future. The planning is done in the 'Plan budget' page of the app.

'Remaining funds'
This is the remaining amount in your budget which you haven't spent or planned for yet.

For Example,

If you have $50,000 in a budget category, that is your Total budget. If you have already spent $10,000 of it when you joined the platform (and you do not plan to record those sessions on platform), then that is your** 'Past Spend'**. If you've added sessions worth $15,000 over time, then total of $25,000 is your amount spent.

And if you've planned how you're gonna spend $20,000 of your remaining $25,000 - that is your 'Planned Spend'. The remaining $5,000 that is neither spent or planned for is 'Remaining Funds'.
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