The purpose of the 'Budget Overview' chart on Dashboard page is simple - to give you a quick overview into all your budget in one go.

You can use this chart to answer the question -
Am I currently spending more than what I should be i.e. will I run out of funds early if I keep spending at this rate?
Am I currently spending less than what I should be i.e. will I have excessive leftover funds early if I keep spending at this rate?

Let's look at the chart below. (Please note that the chart will look different on smaller screens)

Budget overview chart

Each bar represents a budget category that you are self-managing. The red portion of the bar represents the percentage of money you have spent out of total 100% funds for that category.

To be on track, the red bar should exactly (or roughly) line up to the black dotted line which represents the ideal spend. The ideal spend is calculated based on how much of your plan has passed.

For example, if 3 months of your 12 month plan have passed - 25% of your plan is passed. For every category you should have roughly spent 25% of funds, and that's what the black dotted line will indicate.

In the image above, you can also see that the participant is underspending for the first category - 'Assistance with Daily Life (core)', overspending for the second category 'Assistance with Social & Community Participation (Core)', and roughly on track for the third category 'Finding & Keeping a Job (Capacity Building)'.

So, the participant should reduce the spending for first category and increase it for the last one.

This chart (just like others) updates in real-time as soon as you add or approve a new session - so you always stay on track!
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